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Tasca Brava

Forgive me, but I felt compelled to champion my favourite restaurant once again, along with a plea to support our local independent restaurants.
The following is taken from this week's Indy Weekly....

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In January of this year, I wrote an article about Tasca Brava, the authentic Spanish tapas restaurant in Cary that serves some of the best food in the Triangle. Since then, they have opened a sister restaurant in North Raleigh. (The original Cary location will remain open until they find a buyer to take over the space.) When I spoke to Marta Brewer, who owns the restaurant with her husband Juan Samper, she was very excited about the new space, saying, "So much love has gone into this space. We have put all our love and work into it." Shortly after the new restaurant opened, it was discovered that Brewer has an inoperable cancer, and that it is aggressive and spreading. Since then, Samper has been operating both restaurants single-handedly, throwing himself blindly into the work in an effort to keep their business afloat, and also perhaps to distract himself. But business is not good, not even at the new restaurant where they had put all their hopes.

It will never cease to amaze me--the crappy food that is flying out of restaurants, the hour-long waits at overpriced and overrated food warehouses along the stretches of our secondary highways. Just up the road, another family-owned restaurant that makes food fraught with love, food that you would be lucky to find anywhere in the world, is struggling, perhaps on its last legs.

Samper says that Brewer is keeping a positive attitude, and that she hopes to beat the cancer. For now she is taking a holistic approach, being that the cancer has spread so quickly and chemotherapy makes her very sick.

Restaurants are primarily entertainment--they entertain us, our taste buds and our stomachs. But there is a human story behind every one of them. For selfish reasons, as well as for Juan and Marta, I hope that Tasca Brava survives.

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