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Waba Restaurant & Pub Food's totally edible, no food poisoning, and some dishes taste gross or weird enough to lead me to believe that everything wasn't completely Americanized. But that could be my South American culinary sensibilities, which are more like wtfibilities, considering how we take perfectly healthy fruits like bananas and DEEP FRY them. God, no wonder I'm so third world. Anyway, it's a little more than I usually want to spend on lunch-- $5-6 for food and $1.50 for a drink.

I'm going to embarrass myself trying to spell Korean (because all I remember from the three week portion of a Politics of China & Japan about North Korea is that Kim Il Sung is still the president) but the #1 will probably please most Western palates. I think the portions are generous but I rarely eat a whole plate of food so XLT people should stare down the staff to get more rice or something.

The atmosphere is something else. There's no bar, but they serve a lot of beer. Seating's comparable to El Rodeo; serving's comparable to Sakura; entrance is comparable to Mitch's Tavern. There's a slightly elevated section by the windows to view the street from the second floor. Most notably, the place is filled with the thumping house beats of whatever the heck South Korea filters out of the American music scene and copies ad projectilevomitum. A projection screen shows popular music videos nonstop. It's like this sick parody of MTV that's so impeccably imitated and improvised it's unmistakably Asian. I kid you not but there was a video with a guy wearing Adidas track gear rapping in front of a shiny black Cadillac while two girls dressed like the hoochies of 1997 booty danced next to it.

I honestly couldn't tell if those kids admire American music or if they were making fun of it. Either way I'd punch them in the face if I saw them on the street. Actually I better not, because I swear to the insane Taisho emperor that a fight breaks out in every single one of these videos. If I didn't know better I'd think everyone in Korea knows Tae Bo.

I think this would be an excellent place for a first date. First of all, it'll make you look adventurous for suggesting Asian cuisine that is neither Chinese nor Japanese. Second, if you have a problem with awkward silences, you can always make snarky comments about whatever's playing. Third, the food is sweet, savory, and/or spicy so you can probably kiss or continue your genteel conversation without offending your date's olfactory sensibilities.
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