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Los Cazadores

All of you El Rodeo-philes are about to be schooled on delicious affordable Authentic Mexican food. The convenience of that Hillsborough St restaurant may be pleasant, but it has nothing on Los Cazadores (Así se dice en ingles "The Hunters")

Located in the Avent Ferry Shopping Center at Gorman Crosssing (Raleigh, NC), this restaurant sits quietly among the other stores and food places drawing no attention to itself. Inside amazing culinary delights await your virginal taste buds. In fact, from the outside it looks quite small, but it's pretty large once you enter. There's an area at the rear that looks as if it may hide a dance floor with two levels.

Here are links to the menu:
Page 1
Pages 2 and 3
Pages 4 and 5

As you can see, they have quite a few items to choose from. Meats of all types from shrimp to chorizo. There are the usual expectations of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chalupas, gorditas, quesadillas and the like, but there are also dishes that come closer to traditional Mexican dishes. There’s a kids menu and a list of vegetarian entrees. And for those that simply must quaff libations, there are beers, margaritas, and several mixed drinks. There’s ample replay value here, folks. You could go everyday for a month, and still not process the menu in its entirety, let alone its numerous combinations. I suggest stopping in and trying their lunch specials at the very least.

When mschitchat and I went, they started us with the usual tortilla chips and fresh salsa. Freshly baked chips are always a plus, and they really showed through in the Nachos with Chicken that we ordered as an appetizer (we always try and sample as much as we can when checking out a new place). Their crispy tortilla chips are covered in a creamy white cheese sauce complete with chunks of shredded, marinated white meat chicken. It was awesome. We couldn’t stop eating it. From there, we moved onto our entrees. She had Chicken Fajitas (amazing!), and I had Caldo de Camarones (spicy shrimp and rice soup). We were so full when we left that we could hardly walk. We’re talking huge portions here, and you can see how affordable they are for yourself in the menu links.

We were too full to explore the desert and coffee while we were there, but I have my eye on the Fried Ice Cream. We definitely plan on returning. It’s now my favorite Raleigh restaurant...after one visit.

Want to give it a try? ¿Quieres aprobarlo? Directions

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