Amanda Huginkiss (amandahuginkiss) wrote in nc_foods,
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Indian restaurants?

Any recommendations for good Indian/Pakistani restaurants, preferably in Apex/Cary?

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Suchi Indian Cuisine is a very informal buffet, but I really do love their food. :)
oh, I don't care about formal or pretty. I just care about taste! :)

thanks for the suggestion.
udupi cafe on chattam street next to buffalo brothers wings. That's the best indian food i've had ANYWHERE.
If you're restricting yourself to Cary/Apex then Udupi is fantastic.

If you're willing to drive a bit further then Royal India off of Capital Blvd. is definitely worth visiting. (Nice buffet on Sunday as well.) There's also a location off of Glenwood but it's an 'express' version and not worth visiting in my opinion.
I'm restricting myself to Cary/Apex for now because I'm really new to the area and I'm still getting my bearings straight. I'm always willing to travel for good food, though :)

Boo. Where's the sense of adventure? :) Capital Blvd. is a bit out of your way but it's right off 440!
Sense of adventure is great. Sense of direction? Not so much! I'm starting to get my bearings though, so I'll gradually cast a bigger net. :)

Their express version on Glenwood is excellent as well.

Isn't there a Indian restaurant near Maynard in the same shopping center as the Japanese grocery store. I feel like I've heard that one is good.
Your mileage has varied. :) I just don't think it's quite as good as the 'main' store and the express, in the past, hasn't always had what I've asked for. I'd just as soon drive a bit further and know they'll have it or can prepare it how I want it. (I'm already near N. Raleigh anyway)

Sitar India Palace is also good (Durham and N. Raleigh locations) and I've heard good things about 'Curry and Spice' (Spice and Curry?) near 54 and 55 but havn't been.
Express is literally 5 minutes from my house, and I'm all about their garlic naan and lamb curry, so it hits the spot when I'm craving Indian food.

For some real real Indian food there's that Zippy Mart on Hillsborough Street that's started serving Indian food. The guy doesn't speak a word of English but he makes some fine curry, bones and all.
Proximity certainly affects the decision making process. All things being equal though I'll choose the 'full size' restaurant but if I had the fever for the flavor and I was there already I'm sure I wouldn't pass up the lamb bhuna punjabi (hot, please!) with some garlic naan and a sweet lassi.

(I may actually be craving indian food right now, actually. :P )
mmmmmm..... foooood ::drool::

cool! thanks!
sorry so late... i just wanted to say I hope u figured out about
the bombay grille... it is the best indian place in cary. I started
going there because my moms friend is half indian and she introduced
us to the place. there is also a great italian place right beside it
(she just happens to be half italian as well haha).

hope you found it out, or now know and can check it out!
I'm new to area myself and looking for good indian food. I liked udupi just fine, but I liked azitra (in brierwood mall) better. I still haven't found a place that makes me want to stop looking...