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Social isolation--help!

Okay, I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that since moving here two years ago, I have been completely socially isolated. As in: I see my fiancé every evening but spend days on end when I don't see another living being besides the aforesaid fiancé and, as wonderful as he is, it's just not enough. So, fellow LJers, I need your advice--

I'm looking for activities that I can join--I don't know what, exactly, but something along the lines of a club/book meetup/political organization...I don't know.

Here's who I am, more or less: 32, grad student, female, very liberal, into travel & foreign films, love to cook (definitely a "foodie"), some minor crafting skills (basic sewing, upholstery, etc. but not a knitter), not very athletic, not very religious.

Can anyone recommend local groups or gatherings that might be a good place for me to mingle and meet new folks? Especially folks of my (relative) age group and political orientation (Democrat)?

Thank you in advance!!! Oh, and I live equidistant from Greensboro and Chapel Hill, and from Winston-Salem and Raleigh/RTP. Any of those cities are close enough for me to drive to, in theory at least.

xposted to a few places, sorry for any repeats

p.s. I realize this doesn't seem related to the topic of food in NC, but let me add that I am immensely interested in the food politics, the local food movement, farmers' markets, and gardening (although I always wish I were *more* involved, that's for sure), as well as ethnic cuisines, bread baking, etc. and I would *welcome* any suggestions related to local groups interested in these issues or activities. Or hey, if anyone would be interested in a bi-weekly cartrip to a local farmers' market, that would be great, too!
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