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Cheeburger Cheeburger reopened as Kenny's American Grill

All of the Cheeburger Cheeburgers in NC closed about two months ago. The guy at Mammoth Pizza in Brier Creek (which I also highly recommend!) told us it was licensing issues.

The Cheeburger Cheeburger at Brier Creek re-opened about two weeks ago as Kenny's American Grill. (I'm pretty certain I'm remembering the new name correctly.) I had been assuming it would re-open as something similar without the Cheeburger name, but it's quite different and quite tasty! (Not that CC wasn't!)

The decor has been changed from neon and teeny bopper to a more refined look. One of the first things the manager said when we came in was, "What do you think? It's not pink anymore!" Heh. The colorful Elvis-in-concert standup and milkshake posters have been replaced with large black-and-white Elvis and Marilyn headshots. The tables have been replaced by large booths, which make it look much smaller than it used to.

The menu has changed completely. The new menu still has a cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich, but it also has roast beef, a club, a grilled cheese, and a lot more sandwiches. You can even have an Elvis PB topped with your choice of honey, bananas, mayonnaise, and marshmallow. Somehow they make these simple kid-food choices seem almost gourmet!

There is also a list of salads and soups, as well as appetizers. There's a you-pick-two choice that would be perfect for lunch, and you can choose from the salads, sandwiches, a loaded baked potato, and the soups. After 5 pm, there's a dinner menu with home-cooking sorts of options, like spaghetti, chicken and dumplings, and meatloaf.

I had a really great chicken sandwich with provolone. It said it was on a sourdough roll, but I think it was just a tasty roll. It didn't have the real sourdough flavor to it. scsuehle had the Double Dog, which is two big hot dogs. We both had fries for the side. While we were talking to the manager, scsuehle mentioned he preferred the larger fries that CC used to have. He said that they did a surveymonkey and that the shoestring fries won out by a large margin, but that they were open to feedback, and if a lot of people started saying they liked the fat fries, they'd change. To me the difference isn't the size, but that the CC ones were made in-store, and I think these were probably frozen.

Our daughter had the macaroni and cheese, which is made there. It's a really runny white cheese sauce, but it was really tasty. Speaking of cheese, scsuehle ordered his dogs with their "kickin' cheese sauce" on the side. In my opinion, it was probably the only thing we had that wasn't that great. It was a very thick cheese sauce with a little bit of kick and some bacon. It was quick to form a skin on top and too thick for me to dip a fry in. I just didn't think it was that great, but a cheese sauce lover might think differently.

It was a much bigger change than I expected, but overall it was a good experience, and we'll definitely go back.
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